Our studio has been providing dubbing and subtitling services mainly in Turkish but also in many other languages since the year 2000. Besides 45 national or foreign movie companies and television channels, our expert staff has also been working with hundreds of advertising companies for the dubbing of commercials and promotion videos.



Savaş Özdural – General Manager
Meltem Özdural – Finance Manager
Kerem Kobanbay – General Coordinator
Erdal Perendi – Technical Manager


Broadcasting Management

Beyhan Çalışkan – Translation Coordinator
Ece Sarı – Broadcast Coordinator
Verda Duruk – Broadcast Coordinator
Gülnur Badakal – Contract Coordinator


Tuğba Mete – Preview Casting
Nuran Torun – Casting Coordinator
Murat Aydın – Casting and Recording Coordinator
Bilun Yılgör – Preview Casting


Levent Şimşek – Mixing Technician 
Adnan Aydın – Mixing and Musical Tecnician
Özcan Ünlü – Capture Technician
Mehmet Erbay – Mixing Technician
Gencer İşlek – 5.1 Mixing Technician
Bora Yılmaz – Mixing Technician


Ercan Palut – Recording Technician
İlkgül Kaya – Dubbing Director
Ebru Atar – Dubbing Director
Hakan Akay - Recording Technician
Burcu Hayal - Recording Technician
Nevzat Atmaca - Recording Technician
Murat Aydın – Dubbing Director
Kenan Yılmaz - Recording Technician
Tayfun Arslanpay - Recording Technician
Anıl Mete - Recording Technician


Soner Işık – Subtitle Operator
Billur Yurtseven – Subtitle Coordinator


Şaziye Ceylan – Santral

Cleaning and Cafeteria

Nur Kabaoğlu – Cleaning
Müşerref Anbarcı – Cafeteria 
Hayrettin Yılmaz – Officer